The A-List


I think, therefore, I AM.

Men of Action. Men in Action.

For nine years, AUGUSTMAN has upheld the tenets of style, substance and success with our exceptional alumni of A-Listers. This year, we welcome you to join the fold.

Be part of THE A-LIST, a platform for captains of industry and men of quality to engage, interact and co-create. It’s a club for men who are defined by ideals and beliefs, not their occupation.

THE A-LIST brings together august men to experience exclusive events, meet new people and occasionally compete against each other, all in the name of good fun.

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The 2015 A-Listers

This year, we’re gathering our A-Listers, past and present, to form an exclusive gentlemen’s club, where men will be able to engage over good drinks and company. We are partnering with the Food Bank Singapore, which identified the need to reduce food wastage and redirect food towards the less fortunate, in particular those who lack the ability to leave their homes to get food. Kudos to the A-Listers 2015 whom in total raised $250,000, all of which will be used for the fresh food truck.

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