What Went Down At The 2017 A-List Meet and Greet
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What Went Down At The 2017 A-List Meet and Greet

Over eight years and countless events, The A-List never stopped gaining momentum. Today, there are more than 70 gentlemen in the exclusive network, all of whom have bonded over drinks, forged business deals and experienced exhilarating adventures in Singapore and overseas.

The invitation to join AUGUSTMAN‘s The A-List has become a coveted one. This year, we asked 60 men who expressed interest in joining The A-List to hang out with us at Black Nut, a cosy drinking joint on Emerald Hill. There were great conversations, even better cocktails and delicious canapés created by the bar. And who would turn up but Singapore’s very own Nathan Hartono, cover star of the April issue and an avid reader of AUGUSTMAN? He had heard that we were holding a party and couldn’t resist coming down to check it out.

We also played Human Bingo, so that strangers can start becoming friends, and presented the winner with an exclusive Breitling bomber jacket. Of course, the evening would not have been possible as well without the sartorial expertise of Ermenegildo Zegna.

Check out what went down during the event in the video above and discover the men who made the cut in the July issue of AUGUSTMAN, as well as right here on our website.

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