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Lindsay Davenport x AUGUSTMAN Clinic

It’s tough to keep composed when facing off against the likes of tennis legend Lindsay Davenport on the court. Our A-Listers were given the unique chance of having a short match with the American, before getting a couple of pointers for their game.

Davenport giving a demonstration

The short tennis clinic was more than enough to make many of the participants nervous. “When I said I suck at tennis, I meant it literally. I’ve never played it before,” one of them actually confessed. Of course, being faced with a former World No. 1 and winner of 3 Grand Slam singles titles, it’s only human if you get the jitters.

Our A-Lister, Andrew, practicing his tennis skills

Participants were taught how to serve and given a chance to practice with each other, before actually playing against Davenport. Together with the trainers, the mother of four was busy coaching and actively pointing out how our A-Listers can step-up their tennis game.

Davenport and Brian celebrate after scoring a point

As the clinic came to a close, we had a short Q&A session for everyone to get better acquainted with the 1996 Summer Olympics gold medalist. Of course, questions about whether she will return to the court as a professional player herself, and if her children enjoy the sport too were raised almost immediately. Now a professional coach and commentator, Davenport shared on how her son in particular loves the sport most, but turned down the idea of returning as a professional player. “Playing is a different animal altogether,” in her exact words.

Image credits: Lagardere Sports

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