Game of Drones: The AUGUSTMAN x Breitling Challenge
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Game of Drones: The AUGUSTMAN x Breitling Challenge

Aviation is the cornerstone of Breitling, so for the second A-List 2017 challenge with the watchmaker, we decided to pay homage to that legacy, one in which your attitude determines the altitude.

On a beautiful afternoon, all of the 10 2017 A-Listers gathered on the grounds of Capella Singapore and got a crash course on piloting drones. The objective was simple: fly the drone around the course in the fastest time without crashing. As the A-Listers soon found out, flying a drone was a lot harder than it looked. There were lots of surprised shouts and near-crashes as the gentlemen attempted to pilot the drones past the banners we had erected.

In the first round, we eliminated the 10 A-Listers based on their timings. Only the four fastest pilots moved on the quarter finals, where they competed with each other before the top two moved to the semi-finals. Finally 2017 A-Lister Paulo Atienza emerged victorious but he had one more person to defeat – our surprise guest for the event, Korean actor Peter Lee Jae-yoon.

He took his place in our Game of Drones as the final boss obstacle Paulo had to overcome. You could cut the tension with a knife when both men stared each other down before taking their positions for the finale. It was a hard-fought and nail-biting race but Paulo managed to steer his drone past the finish line in first place with Peter’s drone just a few seconds behind.

After the high drama and struggles of the afternoon, our guys were treated to dinner at The Knolls, where Paulo was presented with a Breitling Colt Skyracer watch to commemorate his victory. Peter shook Paulo’s hand but gave him an ominous warning. “I’ll be buying a drone when I’m back in Korea to practise more and kick your ass,” the Korean said with a laugh.

Check out what went down in the AUGUSTMAN x Breitling A-List Challenge: Game of Drones in the video above and in the pictures below.

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