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Massimo Bottura to open luxury inn Casa Maria Luigia in spring 2019

HOW long is the waitlist for what’s been sitting atop the vaunted World’s 50 Best Restaurant rankings?

It matters no longer. Simply book a stay at culinary maestro Massimo Bottura’s upcoming 12-room luxury inn Casa Maria Luigia and you’re guaranteed a booking at the 3-starred Osteria Francescana in Modena as well – that’s a mere 20 minutes away.

According to the Wall Street Journal Magazine, the Italian inn is poised to open in spring after a lengthy restoration process undertaken by Bottura and wife Lara Gilmore, and will sit atop 12 acres of estate, complete with a swimming pool and tennis courts. Expect to see Warhols bedeck the corridors on your way to breakfast or “light lunch”.

One night at the property – keenly curated to reflect the couples’ tastes – will cost a pretty penny: somewhere north of S$700 per night.

Still, given the parallels between running a world-class kitchen and a top-tier hospitality establishment, we’d wager the money will be well-spent. After all, Bottura’s far from the first notable chef to branch out into hospitality. Japanese celeb chef Nobu Matsuhisa has his name stamped on dozens of luxe property across the globe, and many existing top restaurants are already part of a hotel or inn.

The house was named after Bottura’s mother. Just one pressing question remains: will Osteria Francescana ever relocate to the new estate?

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