The A-List Photoshoot 2016 Recap
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The A-List Photoshoot 2016 Recap

In our June issue you got to meet the 14 gentlemen that have been added to the A-List. With careers ranging from Mixed Martial Artist to Eye Surgeon, these men come from varying walks of life but all possess the three tenets an August Man must have: Style, Substance, Success. To see what they’re really made of, we’ll be putting them through a series of tasks and challenges over the course of the year. 

One of the first things the latest cohort of A-Listers had to undergo was a photoshoot. If you think that being in front of the camera is easy-peasy, you’re sorely mistaken (unless you do that for a living, of course). On 16th and 17th of April, these men gathered at the beautifully decorated Hotel Vagabond, had their hair and makeup done, and proceeded to strike poses for the camera. Amidst all the action, we stole them away to have a quick glass of whisky and chat about what makes them tick. Check out the video to see what went down at this year’s A-List Photoshoot.

Watch this space for updates about this year’s cohort.

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