The A-List Cookout 2015 Aftermath
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The A-List Cookout 2015 Aftermath

On the evening of 5 December, more than 200 people came down to The Refinery at 115 King George’s Avenue to eat, drink and donate to a good cause – raising funds for a fresh food truck that will be operated by The Food Bank Singapore, which is our adopted charity for the year.

The Cookout was organised in conjunction with the A-Listers and we roped in The Refinery, My Awesome Cafe and The Tuckshop, all of whom came together to create lip-smacking dishes using a combination of donated and fresh produce.

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It was a great night filled with music spun by Anthony Southam and Paul Loiz, laughter and beer pong, courtesy of Carlsberg. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and went home happy, satiated and with more knowledge about the amount of food waste that is produced in Singapore, resources that could have been better used to feed the less fortunate.

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In total, The Cookout and other satellite events, such as the mini-Burning Man festival, the CrossFit WOD and the Fire Bucket Challenge, organised by the A-Listers raised a total of $32,211, all of which will be used for the fresh food truck.

We would like to thank all of our partners who made the Cookout such a success, folks such as Shukun Bu, co-founder of The Refinery and The Tuckshop, Franck Hardy of My Awesome Cafe, FIJI Water who kept us hydrated, Pan Pixels for the event photography, A-Listers Jeff Lin, Justin Quek, Wei Lim and Gary Tho who rolled up their sleeves and provided the manpower, Joshuan Tan and Trilogy Events for setting up the space, Brian Tan who designed the great collaterals, JH Productions Pte Ltd for the audio support, Artmen for the propers and the decor, and of course, volunteers from The Food Bank Singapore who came down and made the event one to remember.

And thank you to all of you for supporting the cause and donating generously.

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