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Four Reasons Why You Should Join the A-List

Returning for the seventh year in a row, The A-List has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2010. Each year we induct eight to 12 august men of style, substance and success from a wide variety of industries into the inner circle. This year is no different. We’re on the lookout for gentlemen who can charm a room, sell ice to an Eskimo and have a heart for the less fortunate. Of course, it helps if you enjoy the finer things in life.

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If you reckon you can do all three or if you know of someone who fits the bill, then swing on over to The A-List microsite and fill in the form. We’ll contact you. And let me tell you, it’s great to be on The A-List. Here are four reasons (if you need more convincing).

1. Exclusive gentlemen’s club

Step into a world that most men can only dream about. Being in The A-List is not like your typical gentlemen’s club, where you can jostle your way in with your status or your money. You have to prove yourself with your wit, candour and charm. And when you make the grade, then we fully welcome you to step through the doors where…

2. Amazing experiences await

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From racing around a track and flying in a helicopter above the skies of Singapore to being the faces of an advertising campaign, being an A-Lister means partaking in unforgettable adventures, resulting in a collection of stories and memories that you’ll be feasting on in the decades to come. Our returning sponsors for this year Breitling and Auchentoshan will make sure of that, as well as ensure that you’ll have…

3. Drinks and food galore

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What’s life without a bit of merriment with great company and even better conversations? You’ll get to party at the hottest spots in town before anyone else, imbibe the finest alcohol the world has to offer and indulge your palates with Instagram-worthy food that actually tastes as it looks. Along the way, you’ll get…

4. An education in the finer things in life

After all, we are Singapore’s definitive men’s journal for a reason. Whether you have an interest in horology and technology or would like to keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends and grooming techniques, you’ll be sure to get it with AUGUSTMAN. But don’t just read about it. As an A-Lister, you’ll take part in the whole process, going through whisky tasting and watchmaking workshops among other event, where the respective experts will give you insights into their crafts.

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Convinced? Head on over to The A-List microsite and nominate yourself or someone else before 20 March, and get set for an experience of a lifetime (provided you impress us first). We’ll see you soon.

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