4 Guys, 1 Girl and 3 Scotch Whiskies

A Whisky for Every Palate

We got five whisky lovers to do a blind taste test. Here's what they thought. 

Darren Ho
4 Guys, 1 Girl and 3 Scotch Whiskies
4 Guys, 1 Girl and 3 Scotch Whiskies
4 Guys, 1 Girl and 3 Scotch Whiskies

We love rating things, ranking them and figuring out an order in how to appreciate them. But with flavours it's a lot more subjective. One man's "smoky" is another's coughing fit. 

So when we got our hands on a bunch of broadly flavoured Scotch whiskies from the Speyside region, we figured we'd put them to the test to see if there was a favourite. We found a group of whisky lovers from across age groups, races, occupations and whisky experiences to do a quick blind taste over lunch and asked them which was their preferred. Apart from getting them rather tipsy, they discovered some surprising things about the choices of Scotch they enjoyed. 

Check out the video of their experience, and find out at the end which whiskies they were sampling. And if you've had some of these whiskies, tell us how you prefer to enjoy them as well. 


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What type of whisky do you enjoy?
We did a blind taste test and found out
10/05/2016 10:13 am
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