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The Future Of Met Gala Fashion Is… Fast Fashion?

The Future Of Met Gala Fashion Is… Fast Fashion?

The Future Of Met Gala Fashion Is… Fast Fashion?

Every first Monday of May, all eyes of fashion insiders and lovers, are fixed on New York’s

A photo posted by Douglas Booth (@douglasbooth) on May 2, 2016 at 2:10pm PDT

For Topman, singer and actor Nick Jonas was fitted with a custom navy tuxedo that he helped designed while Jupiter Ascending actor Douglas Booth opted for a morning dress silhouette as a nod to his English roots. Not to be outdone, Vine star and Calvin Klein model Cameron Dallas came dressed in a head-to-toe white outfit also custom-made by Topman.

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Beloved teen model Lucky Blue Smith wore a custom H&M off-white Italian wool tuxedo blazer with leather trousers that had blue metallic coating, as he walked hand in hand with sister Pyper America Smith who was also in H&M – a silver vinyl laser-cut dress.

To an untrained eye, one could hardly tell the difference between a luxury suit and a fast fashion one. And truth be told, they do look good. In fact, this is not the first time that both fast fashion retailers have dressed Met Gala attendees. H&M started last year with American singer Banks wearing a custom crimson gown while Topshop has been doing so for years now and even recreated and sold some of the previous year’s gowns for the masses.

It might have been a slap to the night’s luxury fashion houses but being able to produce designs that did not look out of place, was not only a success for fast fashion but definitely played to the theme. But is this a positive sign for an industry that has been accused of producing too much for too little? That’s a whole other issue altogether.

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