60 Seconds with A-Listers – Ludovico Giella
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60 Seconds with A-Listers – Ludovico Giella

Ludovico Giella
Age: 25
Occupation: Business Development Manager, E-commerce

We don’t often see guys in Singapore dressing as snappily as Ludovico Giella – he would fit like into Shentonista’s blog, even if we do say so ourselves. His sparkling and cheerful personality certainly match the bright colours he’s so fond of; he definitely has the ladies in our offices charmed.

AM: What is one thing you own that speaks of your personality? What’s the story behind it?

LG: My first tattoo which is a work by Dutch painter MC Escher. It is a symmetric figure (I like balance) depicting two bees, two demons, two doves and two butterflies. The bee represents the hardworking person: through hard work you can achieve everything. The dove and the demon represent the good and the bad part of a person: each one of us has a bit of both. The butterfly is a metaphor for life: it is better to live a life short but full of colour. Lastly, all figures have wings that allow them to fly: I love to travel and to discover new things.

 AM: Your personal style and elaborate on that…your style in different scenarios.

LG: I define my personal style as easy going but I am also really picky. I like to dress down elegant clothes or dress up casual ones. The thing is I rarely find things I really like when I shop (that’s why I’m thinking of starting a clothing brand). There are some rules that I would always follow. You’ll never see me with socks unless I’m playing tennis. I never wear a sleeveless T-shirt. I believe suits for a man have to be blue or grey (leave the beige ones for safaris). Last but not least, always remember “God’s in the details”.

AM: The dynamics between men and women have changed over the decades. What are your thoughts on this?

LG: When I was a kid I remember my grandpa teaching us how to woo a girl, with things like flowers, and in general by making the first move. Things are different now. Most women today are much more confident than men. They don’t wait. If they want something, they go after it. Now more than ever, women are the ones choosing.

 AM: If you could be a woman for one day, what would you do?

LG: That’s the kind of question you ask your friends after a couple of drinks. Well, first, I’d go to the toilet to experience what may be a pretty shocking sight. Then, I’d live a love story from the other side: being able to pick the man you actually like (let’s face it, in the end women are the choosers, not the other way around even though we’d like to think so); feel obsessively jealous about all his women friends, being afraid of gaining one kilogram each time you eat too much and then have a ‘ girls night out’. Maybe too much for one day.