60 Seconds with A-Listers – Gary Tho
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60 Seconds with A-Listers – Gary Tho

Gary Tho
Age: 28
Occupation: Chiropractor

Although his speciality is in fixing bones and backs, Gary Tho is also passionate about sports. The former Aussie national badminton player also enjoys diving and water polo as well as soccer, and firmly believes that a healthy body is a reflection of a healthy mind.

AM: What is one thing you own that speaks of your personality? What’s the story behind it?

 GT: The first is this ‘fro! Afro’s are cool. To me, they represent fun, freedom and spontaneity! Which is why I bought this for an underwater dress up scuba diving party in the Maldives! In a nut shell this big hair represents how big we should live and love life!

 The second is this photo album I designed and created. Family is very important to me, and having great relationships with family is something we should all strive to create and nurture. I love and admire my family, and in my opinion, our name, THO stands for Talented, Humble, and Optimistic.

 AM: Your personal style and elaborate on that… your style in different scenarios.

 GT: I appreciate art, especially poems and music. Poems can offer clever perspectives. Some bring you into their realm of thinking and excite the senses, while others paint a new world of possibility and perception. Music is something that can really draw me in. It is hard to describe, but those who feel it will know what I mean about certain voices being able to reach your soul. The world stops. You feel light, lifted and totally mesmerised. Absorbed into their world.

  AM: Tell us about the one thing you’re really good at: 

 GT: Besides being a health care professional, I’m good at sports. I previously played badminton for Australia, water polo and soccer for my regional teams and can pick up almost any sport quickly and easily.