The TANGS Summer Party
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The TANGS Summer Party

It’s good to be on The A-LIST. You get treated to whiskey masterclasses, be part of a magazine photo shoot and enjoy invitations to some of the hottest parties in town. One of those parties was held last month at TANGS during Pedestrian Night at Orchard Road to officially launch the TANGS summer campaign.

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As the official partners of the mall for its summer advertising campaign, August Man was invited to co-host an evening of festivities put together with TANGS’ partners and our group of A-Listers, four of whom had taken part in their ad campaign this year. The event kicked off in the evening on the revamped third floor of the mall, which is dedicated to the sartorial needs and overall betterment of men in Singapore – the perfect location for such an event. Guests were treated to a couple of special promotions. SBTG set up shop with his tagging hombres and customised new sneakers bought on that day for free while the grooming specialists from A Few Good Men offered shoe shines, haircuts and shaves at special premiums.

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To keep us well lubricated, our drinks partners for the evening, Auchentoshan whisky and The Providore, mixed and crafted great whisky cocktails that kept the conversations flowing. As part of the evening, our AUGUSTMAN A-Listers were also invited to take part in a style upgrade challenge. The key: they had to break their own rules of dressing with TANGS’ brands such as biro, Mike Frederiqo and much more.

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The winner of the competition was David Wee (picture below, right), who boldly tried on different looks you wouldn’t normally give a second look to and won for himself an S$2,000 TANGS voucher. All in all, it was a night of style and creativity for all of us.