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Cosying Up With The A-Lister Nominees

Before we reveal the much anticipated line-up for this year’s esteemed crop of August Man’s A-Listers, we had the honour of getting to know the charming nominees at a Meet & Greet session held on the evening of 30th April 2015. ADRIFT, located at Tower 2 Lobby of Marina Bay Sands, had the pleasure of holding the guests and nominees to mingle and shine at the event. Auchentoshen, Breitling, and TANGS were our kind sponsors, and some of them were part of the exclusive guest list that evening. There, we were on the hunt for who’s got the je ne sais quoi and elusive combination of style, substance, and success that defines the quintessential August Man A-Lister.

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Venue for the evening: ADRIFT at Marina Bay Sands

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Winding down with whiskey from our sponsor, Auchentoshan 

Delectable canapés from ADRIFT’s kitchen, alongside whiskey courtesy of Auchentoshan, were generously served throughout the fun-filled evening at the atmospheric venue. It wasn’t long before everyone was warming up to each other’s inviting company and engaging in friendly banter. Our Managing Editor, Darren Ho, even got Jamey Merkel, Auchentoshan’s Brand Ambassador and whiskey connoisseur, to put the nominees through the wringer on their whiskey knowledge. Who knew that whiskey was also known as “The Water of Life”? Only a true gentlemen had the answer.

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A-Lister nominees and guests

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Nominees and guests gamely participating in the whiskey trivia held by Auchentoshan Brand Ambassador, Jamey Merkel

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Gentlemen forging friendships over a good Old Fashioned

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Former A-Lister nominee, Wayne Pereira (second from left), dishing out advice to this year’s batch of hopefuls

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Auchentoshan Brand Ambassador, Jamey Merkel (left), with our Managing Director, Darren Ho (right)

By the end of the night, we had mentally picked out a few standouts. So stay tuned to find out who we were rooting for to take the place of the coveted Top 14.