60 Seconds with A-Listers – Ian Horsburgh
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60 Seconds with A-Listers – Ian Horsburgh

Ian Horsburgh
Age: 28
Occupation: Account Director, Senior Executive Search

According to Ian Horsburgh, he excels at getting himself into trouble, and then managing to talk his way out of it. From what we’ve seen so far, that’s a spot-on description of himself, not that he’s gotten himself into any trouble with us… yet.

AM: What is one thing you own that speaks of your personality? What’s the story behind it?

 IH: There are two things that I’d like to share on. I have a photo of parents that sits on my desk at work. My parents are massive role models of my life. And then my “teddy” (Wile E. Coyote). Everyone kind of sees me as him. He’s really cuddly and I’ve had him since I was really small. I can’t even remember… decades ago. My mom bought it for me and it’s just been my best mate for so many years.

 AM: It’s your girlfriend/wife’s birthday and you forgot all about it. It’s just 6pm and you were just about to leave the office. What do you do?

 IH: Brick it, nothing worse than a disappointed woman. I would probably make a beeline for the supermarket and grab some flowers, wine and ingredients to cook dinner then make her an IOU card for something I know she’ll enjoy.

 AM: What is important to you?

IH: Family is very important to me and my father’s a massive role model for me when it comes to work, business. Being an all-rounded person, he works hard and plays hard and that’s the philosophy that he brought me up with, and it’s one that I always try to stick to. A lot of my peers, all their dads work, work, work and they don’t split their time between working and relaxing. I think life’s all about balance and being all rounded. So I think it’s important to work hard and play hard. So yea, my father’s definitely a big role model for me.

AM: Where would be your favourite holiday destination?

IH: Bali’s always a favourite for me. It’s very relaxed. I can go to come beach, have a nice cocktail, go for a surf, some diving and stuff like that. I mean, Singapore’s such a great hub for Asia, so it’s easy to get to so many nice destinations out there. And Bali’s always a favourite of mine.