Update: A-Lister 2015 Photo Shoot
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Update: A-Lister 2015 Photo Shoot

Update: Check out the behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot!

Soft amber lighting, the swirling of Auchentoshan triple distilled single-malt whisky and a jovial effervescence fills the room that faces the Marina Bay waters. The smell of leather shoes and freshly pressed fabrics perfumed the room. It was as if the Fullerton Bay Hotel meeting room temporarily transformed into the Tangs Menswear departmental store.

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The ‘war-room’ as we call it was amply stocked with apparel and accessories that Tangs kindly provided. Our A-Listers come in varied sizes but as mentioned, the well-stocked selection covers for all their unique body shapes.

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The fourteen A-Listers took their turns, one after another to get pampered with Kiehl’s facial products and dressed for the photo shoot with the colonial backdrop of Fullerton Bay Hotel.  “I feel like a model with make-up, hairspray and getting ready for a shoot,” laughs Melvin.

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We are sure he is not the only one with these sentiments. Our make-up artist expertly diffused their awkwardness with her cajoling. While some of these are entirely new experiences for them, they are the A-Listers after all, so we assume they would have no trouble adapting to new environments. It did not take them long before they started to enjoy being dolled up and had their aesthetic features being attended to.

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What better way to embody the start of an adventure that will see our A-Listers braving the elements outdoors than having the right timepiece. Before taking flight, the final adornment –courtesy of Breitling – snapped onto their wrists and the gentlemen are all set.

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The biggest gripe for these gentlemen was the heat outdoors. With the handsome jackets and coats on, some of them were already drenched even before the photo shoot started. Fortunately, the facial products from Kiehl’s withstood the humidity and perspiration to minimise the disruptions during the photo shoot.

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We mercifully moved the photo shoot indoors, where most of them immediately heaved a big sigh of relief followed by joyous cheers. Indoors or outdoors, Fullerton Bay Hotel with its colonial style setting provided a quaint backdrop for our photos.

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To test their wit, we launched curve-balls at the A-Listers in an attempt to throw them off-balance. But to our dismay, the gentlemen successfully handled most of the questions with tact and when caught in a snag, went back to their boyish grin as an evasive maneuver. For the full coverage of the interview questions, you can find them in our July issue. If you are interested to be part of the A-Listers campaign next year, we suggest paying close attention and taking reference from this year’s campaign!

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On top of it all, there is nothing a few drops of whisky – especially when it’s Auchentoshan – cannot solve. All the nerves and jitters went awash with the tinge of alcohol and soon, more secrets of our A-Listers were pried out. While these are off the record, we are sure the lads will remember this exuberant experience. We hope to see the rest of you next year so start prepping up now!