SK-II: A-Listers and Godfrey Gao
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SK-II: A-Listers and Godfrey Gao

Couple of weeks back, we unveiled our ten 2014 A-Listers at the SK-II event that was held at Robinsons Orchard. Host Shu An and our managaing editor Darren Ho grilled them alongside model-actor and one of SK-II‘s ambassadors, Godfrey Gao, on their grooming know-how. The men shared their grooming knowledge (or surprising lack of it) and eventually walked away a lot wiser by the end of the night. Soap and water were sufficient until you were about 10 years old so men, please stop kidding yourselves and start investing in age-appropriate skincare. 


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Here’s our managing editor getting exclusive scoop from Gao which will be published in our upcoming June issue so keep your eyes peeled for that

There’s always time for a toast and a drink

Host Shu An and our managing editor Darren Ho takes the stage

Here’s one of our A-Listers Wayne Pereira looking debonair

One of our A-Listers’ Michael Wrigley giving the lowdown on his skincare

Presenting seven out of our ten A-Listers

Gao getting grilled by host Shu An

Gao takes a #selfie with some of his fans 

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