60 Seconds with A-Listers – Chris Rogers
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60 Seconds with A-Listers – Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers
Age: 31
Occupation: Regional Art Director, Advertising

Having just moved to Singapore a year ago, Chris Rogers is still discovering interesting locations around the island and enjoying playing host and guide to friends who are swinging by Singapore. It wasn’t an easy decision to relocate and an unexpected surprise, but he is certainly enjoying the experience.

AM:  So Chris, tell us a little bit about yourself (in general).

 CR: I relocated to Singapore just over a year ago. Work in advertising. I’m Australian, as you can hear from the accent. I’ve been roped into this whole August Man thing through a friend, Kristian Hunt – he’s the winner last year. I kind of rode along with him on the wave of all the fun and excitement last year and he said, “Imma get you into it next year” and I said “we’ll see how you’ll do it” but it’s so far so good, I’m through the top 15.

 AM: Being in advertising how’s your public speaking?

 CR: Generally, in my line of work, we do presentations to our clients on a pretty regular basis. Once you get me in front of a big crowd, it kind of gets a little hot on the collar.

 AM: If we gave you a topic out of the blue, like ‘environmental crisis’ how would you deal with that?

 CR: Well, if you put me in a spot, I guess I could try to wink my way through it. ‘Environmental crisis’ happens all the time, but we’vee all got to work together as a nation to overcome this problem.

 AM: When was the last time you did something you never thought you would?

CR: Probably around a year ago when I took the plunge and left Melbourne to relocate to Singapore. I really didn’t see it coming, but don’t regret a thing.

 AM: What was your last Facebook/Twitter/Instagram post about?

 CR: It was a photo of a mate visiting from Melbourne on the Helipad of the Swisshotel.