60 Seconds with A-Listers – Andre Tan
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60 Seconds with A-Listers – Andre Tan

Andre Tan
Age: 25
Occupation: Trainee Solicitor

Currently working with American law firm Baker & McKenzie, Andre Tan grew up and lived overseas, eventually wounded up in Singapore after leaving UNESCO for a career in law. But he remains a firm believer of the might of the word, and considers diplomacy the most powerful tool in the world today. We’re inclined to agree.

AM: What is the one thing you own that speaks of your personality? What’s the story behind it?

AT: The first time piece I owned was a Seiko Sportura Chronograph. I remember falling in love with its seamless blend of sophistication and sportiness. My father had the good sense to turn it into a teaching opportunity by suggesting that I saved up money to purchase the watch. I took on a part time job and saved up for a couple of months before I had enough to afford the watch. The experience taught me that almost anything can be achieved through discipline and hard work. I later found out that the actual cost of the watch was a little more than what I had paid. My father returned the following week to top-up the difference.