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Single Malt Whisky Masterclass – An Event For The A-List

The evening of 25th June 2015 marked the first event where the A-Listers new and old had an intimate session with different single malt whiskeys in a masterclass sponsored by the esteemed whisky brand, Auchentoshan. Recess at Five Square, a posh little whisky sanctuary nestled at Great Eastern Central had the pleasure of holding the guests for the night.

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Auchentoshan’s American Oak whisky all lined up

Ginger ale spiked with a shot of Auchentoshan’s American Oak greeted the guests at the reception, giving a taste of what’s to come further into the evening. Friend to August Man magazine, and no stranger to the A-Listers, Auchentoshan’s Brand Ambassador Jamey Merkel made a welcome appearance once again to impart his keen knowledge on single malt whisky to the 24 gentlemen present that night.

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Auchentoshan’s Brand Ambassador Jamey Merkel educating the fine gentlemen on single malt whiskey and the art of whisky tasting

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A-Listers Jeff Lin and Paul Wakefield giving their tastebuds a tantalising whisky treat

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A-Listers mingling with guests

Bringing vivre to the event, a whisky tasting was carried out as the event progressed. Everyone had a taste of the limited edition Auchentoshan Virgin Oak (a No Age Statement Malt) first, followed by the 12-year-old, the 18-year-old, and capping the tasting off with the 21-year old. They were taught to first swirl the spirit lightly in its vessel to release the distinct aromas that give the individual whiskies their separate characters. The fun part was when everyone was told to have a sip of the whisky, focusing on the intensity of the key flavours of vanilla, cocoa, dried fruits, citrus, and sweet spices with each try. Having run through the motions with the different whiskies helped the men gain clarity on the aromas, flavours, and intensities of each whisky served. Recess’ kitchen then began serving scrumptious canapés to end the night on a good note. It was clear to see that the A-Listers were enjoying their evening.

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A little memento courtesy of Auchentoshan

Suffice to say, the A-Listers left the masterclass enriched with knowledge on single malt whisky. Stay tuned to find out what other interesting experiences they will go through as an A-Lister in time to come.

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