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Next Up For $100Gourmet: Trevor Bird x Anthony Yeoh

Next Up For $100Gourmet: Trevor Bird x Anthony Yeoh-am_il_v1001_i_f4dca8829310ebf1adc4e6d87b73223853_083168e7e2a8267aa2f148f4c2729d5231

Shed some kilos and eat light for now because this end September onwards, you’ll be in for a treat. Trevor Bird, one Top Chef Canada’s best and the chef-owner of Fable, will be here in town to cook with Anthony Yeoh of everybody’s favourite French bistro, Cocotte. While Bird’s known for his French-inspired farm to table practice, Yeoh is recognised for hearty, communal rustic flavours, and together, they will execute both a three-course and six-course menu. Expect dishes like lamb roast, Albacore Tuna and Bird’s famous spaghetti and meatball. 

Starting this September 30th, the meal is available at either lunch (three-course) or dinner (six-course). Bring a friend for company and power it through. Lunch goes at $100++ for two and dinner, for one. It is however, $180++ for non-Citibank cardholders. Either way, there shouldn’t be any room for regret. In our opinion, at least.

Have your fill at Cocotte, 2 Dickson Road. For more details, visit or email them at