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Recipe: Who Wants a Hot Bikini?

Take a bite. The bread crackles, giving way to the juicy goodness between the slices. The jamon iberico is smoky and savoury, and the melted cheese tastes sharp and nutty. There’s tomato paste to offer a slight tang, and truffle paste for a subtle kick. This is the Bikini – a simple ham-and-cheese sandwich classic from Spain prepared specially for us. Like the love of your life, you fall for it over and over again, even more so when the guys at Park Bench Deli make it their goal to trump every other sandwich in town. You’re likely to polish off a stack of these in a heartbeat or two.

What you need

A loaf of sliced white bread or large soft roll
A block of softened butter
Thinly-sliced jamon iberico or jamon serrano
One block of medium cheese
Truffle paste
Tomato paste

Piece your sandwich together, toast it and grill it further on the stove for extra crunch. Use a press if necessary. 

Special thanks to Ming Tan and Andrei Soen, the men behind the greatest sandwich shop in the city, Park Bench Deli, where every sandwich is built from scratch and fresh to the bone.

(Photo credit: Andy Wong/Rave Photography)

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