5 Minutes With The Quirky Evan Peters
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5 Minutes With The Quirky Evan Peters

This Missouri native has been teetering on the Hollywood cusp for some time now. It’s a precarious place, where newish actors hope they’re doing everything it takes to tip towards silver screen supremacy instead of becoming doomed as a recurring, small screen, almost-was. That’s not to mean his regular gig is anything to scoff at. With American Horror Story (AHS) well into its fifth season, Evan Peters has – throughout his time there – donned the robes of a sociopathic ghoul (Murder House), an incarcerated serial murderer (Asylum), a college frat-fool cum Frankensteinian nightmare (Coven) and a teenaged deformity in Freak Show. With the current instalment, Hotel, he’s downright convincing as a young Howard Hughes type eccentric.

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Categorically though, he’s an actor with seriously impressive chops. He’s authentic, natural and fun to watch. I for one, didn’t care too much for the headliners in his Marvel debut. McAvoy, Fassbender and Lawrence are of course spoken for, but I always stay glued until Peters’ Whitehouse kitchen scene on Astro re-runs.

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His Origins story is also about as exciting as yet another Jackman/Wolverine movie (which incidentally, has just been announced). Catching the eye of a talent scout who spotted him in drama class, he was connected to an agent in LA. Bada-bing bada-boom, and Peters and his mom had moved across the country to the City of Angels by the time he was fifteen. Balancing auditions and homework, his single-minded focus led to a series of indie films, bit-parts in drama serials, and then finally a big enough foothold with AHS. Describing his promotion to the big leagues, Peters said, “Bryan Singer is a really big fan of AHS. He called me up and told me he has this cool role for me in X-Men, a guy who is incredibly fast and hyperactive, and if you give him some caffeine, forget about it. I said, ‘He sounds really fun, so of course.’ And then I got off the phone and started jumping on the couch.”

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Intrigued? You can read more about Evan Peters in the May 2016 issue of August Man Malaysia.

Photographs by William Callan; Creative Director Melvin Chan; Styled by Warren Baker