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A French Beer We Can All Agree On

Telling a French to imbibe beer is like asking them to tuck into schnitzels instead of cuisses de grenouille. Their inner instinct tells them this could be the most impious thing they can do since 11 men in blue jerseys decided to do a mannequin challenge in Seoul, 15 years before such an act went viral. Because French only drink wine and cognac right?

Research shows that overall alcohol consumption in France is down 25% since 1960. Even more damning is that beer only makes up 16% of that falling percentage.

A few more decades down the road, they may all be just drinking bottled melted glaciers from the Alps.

That is a sorrowful realisation as there is a French beer that we are particularly fond of. Let’s hope Kronenbourg will survive this generation of latte hipsters, after all, it has already been around since 1664.

Three reasons that make us fall in love

It’s a wheat beer

Some grains are different from the others. For example, rye brews are considerably spicier, barley is more robust, whereas wheat is lighter. Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc is brewed from wheat, hence it is brighter on the palate, more so when it is icy cold. Complementing it are easy-drinking notes of fruitiness as well as subtle aromas of citrus, lemon and coriander.

Highly sophisticated hue

Well, let’s face the inconvenient truth. The darker a lager is, the more we associate it with blokes. The bloke who consumes an utterly black one used to sling around in mud during his boarding school days. Lads who quaff the brown ones are the same tribalistic people who chant derogatory hymns every Saturday evening.

Those that are enchanted by the pale straw ones such as Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc are lovely boys and girls who won’t even step on a cockroach.

Unrivalled French elegance

The medium body suits everyone from all-encompassing sexes and genders, born this way or otherwise. The lack of bitterness is a welcome departure from the usual lagers and its delectably fresh taste gives you a false impression that it contains fewer calories. Even a super-self-conscious graphic designer agrees.